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How can I book a meeting room?

Meeting rooms can be booked via the everyworks app (iOS or Android). You need an active, free customer account and valid payment details. For individual offers and daily or weekly rentals, please contact:

How does the booking process work?

After opening the app and selecting a location, you will see the available slots for the current date under "Meeting Room". Use the "Room search" to select a date, a period, and a minimum room size. Under "Availability", the next possible period is shown as a blue bar and can be easily adjusted individually using + / -. The booking area always shows the selected date, period, and price. Before the final booking, you will receive a booking summary. You can assign your meeting a title here. You will also find the general terms and conditions, the house and fire safety regulations, and the cancellation conditions. To complete the booking, all you need to do is press "Order and pay". You will then reach the menu item "Accesses", where you can find your access pass with the QR code. It is valid 30 minutes before and after the meeting on the day of booking.

How far in advance do I need to book?

A meeting room can be booked at short notice on the same day or up to 28 days in advance.

For how long can a meeting room be booked?

You can book a meeting room for the whole day (within the opening hours of the respective location). There is a minimum rental period of one hour.

How do I invite people to a meeting?

After booking, you can send invitations to meeting participants. The "Invite" button on the access pass can be used to invite participants to the upcoming meeting by email. They will be sent an invitation link with a ready-made text. Participants can use this link to register for the meeting by entering their name and e-mail address in the browser. Registered participants are shown on the access pass. All participants will also receive their access passes by email, valid 30 minutes before and after the meeting on the day of booking.
If the number of registrations exceeds the number of people in the Meeting Room, you will receive a message by email. If participants cancel and send a substitute, for example, you do not need to do anything else. However, you need to make sure that the room capacity is not exceeded.

How are the meeting rooms equipped?

The meeting rooms have vertically adjustable tables, Bluetooth-enabled screens, large whiteboards, and a toolbox with presentation materials. Adapters (HDMI, VGA) can be borrowed free of charge at the Welcome Bar. Free internet access is available to all participants.

Can I leave the building even though the meeting is in progress?

Yes; you can leave the building during the booking. However, you will need to check out at the Welcome Bar before leaving the area. When re-entering the area, please remember to check in again.

Can I remove people and add new people after inviting them?

No; participants cannot be uninvited once they have been invited. However, it is possible to invite more persons to the meeting than the permitted number . If there are too many participants, an email with a capacity warning is automatically sent to the meeting creator. The latter must independently ensure that not too many people participate in the meeting.

How far in advance can I cancel my Meeting Room booking?

You can find the cancellation regulations in our general terms and conditions Cancellation of the usage agreement.

When will I receive my invoice for a Meeting Room booking?

You will receive the invoice 24 to 72 hours after the booked slot has expired. The invoice will be sent to you by email.

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