Flexible without subscription

Pay as you go. No contracts or monthly fees.

Free choice of seating

Check-in and choose a workspace. Everything without a reservation.

Hot drinks included

Coffee, Tea, and water are offered to you free of charge.

Telephone boxes

Boxes for private phone calls and video calls are included in the price.

Working at

What is the minute seat in coworking?

At all everyworks locations there is a coworking area with workstations, so-called minute seats, which can be used at short notice. Your stay is charged by the minute; there is no minimum booking duration. All workstations have sufficient power sockets within reach, and phone booths are available for confidential phone calls. WiFi, coffee, tea, and water are included in the price.

How do I register?

Register simply and conveniently via the everyworks app. You can find it in the Android and iOS stores. For devices with an iOS operating system, at least iOS version 13.0 is required for use. For Android operating systems, the minimum version is 6.0.

Can I also register on-site?

To book a minute seat, you need the everyworks app(iOS or Android), an active, free customer account, and valid payment data. You can easily and conveniently install the app via your app store before your stay.

How far in advance can I reserve a minute seat?

You can reserve access to the coworking area 15 minutes in advance free of charge.

How does minute seat access work?

Before you can use the minute seat, reserve access for free in the everyworks App. The access is valid for 15 minutes. The access ticket has a QR code and the paid booking only starts when you enter the QR code at the scanner at the entrance.
At the Berlin central station, the scanner for check-in is located downstairs on the ground floor. everyworks grants you the first 5 minutes after check-in for free so that you have enough time to take the lift to the 10th floor, find a seat, and settle in for work.

When does the booking start?

At the Berlin location, we grant you five free minutes after check-in, so you can take the lift to the 10th floor and find a free seat. At our other locations, the booking runs after you have checked in at the scanner.

How can I tell that I am checked in?

The scanner shows "green" when your check-in was successful. Besides, the App shows your current visit under Accesses with the check-in time and the "checked in" status.

How can I check out and end the booking with the QR code?

When you are checked in at a location, you can you can see your active check-in in the App under "Accesses". Select this, and you will be shown your access pass with the QR code and the check-in time.

To finish your booking, go to the exit and check out with the QR code on the scanner. The scanner lights up green. You will then receive an overview of the booking duration and incurred costs. The invoice will also be sent to you by email.

Attention: in Berlin, the check-in is downstairs on the ground floor, and the check-out is upstairs in the space on the 10th floor.
At our other locations, you will find the scanner for check-in and check-out at the reception.

What happens if I reserve an access pass but cannot come?

No problem; you can simply let the access pass expire. After 15 minutes without check-in, your reservation will be automatically cancelled. Alternatively, you can also cancel the access pass by clicking on "Cancel reservation" underneath the QR code.

Can I extend my booking?

Your booking period runs equivalent to your stay in the space for maximum as long as the location is open.

Do I need to know in advance for how long I want to book?

No; just check in, and you can work as long as you wish. When you leave, you check out and get a minute-based bill.

Can I leave and come back to everyworks without logging out?

No; if you leave everyworks you need to check out. You can come back at any time and start a new booking.

What happens if I forget to log out?

If you are still on-site, please report to the staff. They will help you with the check-out. If you are already on the go (e.g., on the train), simply call our team from the location you have been, they can help you and finish your booking. You can find the phone number on the according web page.
Please have your app ready. In the app, you will find your customer number and your service pin under "Settings > Contact". You need both so that the team can finish your booking.

The app is your key

Easy check-in

Get access to any everyworks location nationwide.

Convenient payment

Add your payment methods and get your invoice upon check-out.

Book a meeting room

Via app you can check availability, book a meeting room in advance and share the access with your guests.