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General questions

What is everyworks?

Deutsche Bahn offers coworking at railway stations under the brand name everyworks. At the Berliner Hauptbahnhof we opened the first Space. The special thing: With the everyworks App workstations can be booked on a minute basis.
Meeting rooms and offices can also be rented at everyworks. To take advantage of this offer, please contact us at everyworks@deutschebahn.com

What does everyworks cost?

The registration via the App "everyworks" is free of charge. There is no minimum term or cancellation period.
The use of a Minute Seat is charged by the minute. The current price is 16 Cent per minute. It will be displayed in the app as well as on the homepage.

How can I use everyworks?

What is a Minute Seat?

At all everyworks locations there is a coworking area with workstations that can be booked at short notice. You can stay in the coworking area during opening hours as long as you like. The stay is calculated to the minute, there is no minimum booking period.
All Minute Seats have sufficient power outlets within reach, and of course Wifi is available everywhere.
So there's nothing preventing productive stay between two train connections, for example.

can I register on site?

No, to get access to a minute seat you need the everyworks App (iOS or Android), an active free customer account and valid deposited payment data. You can easily install the app before your stay.

How can I register?

Quite simply and conveniently via the everyworks App. You can find it in the stores of Android and iOS.

Do I need an app?

Yes, you can download it for iOS and Android from the App Store.

Do I have to log in to the app?

Yes. In order to use coworking from everyworks, a customer account is required. This way your bookings can be assigned to you. The payment is also done via the app. For the customer account you need a valid email address and valid payment information. Up to now payment is possible with Visa- or Master-Card.

How can I book a meeting room or resident office for long-term rental?

Booking meeting rooms or resident offices is not possible via the app for the time being. If you are interested please send us an e-mail everyworks@designoffices.de

All about the Meeting Rooms

How do I book a meeting room?

Booking of meeting rooms is possible via the everyworks app (iOS or Android). You need an active, free account and valid payment data.

How does the booking work?

After opening the app and selecting a location, you will see the available compartments for the current date under "Meeting Room ". Using the "Room search " you can select a date, a time period and a minimum room size. Under "Availability " the next possible period is shown as a blue bar and can be easily adjusted individually by + / -. The booking area always shows the selected date, period and the corresponding price. Before the final booking you will get a booking overview. Here you can give the meeting a title. You will also find the general terms and conditions, the house and fire safety regulations and the cancellation conditions. To complete the booking, all you have to do is press "Book with obligation to pay". Afterwards you will get to the menu item "accesses", where you will find your access pass with the QR-code. This pass is valid on the day of the booking 30 minutes before and after the meeting.

How far in advance do I need to book?

A meeting room can be booked short term on the same day or up to 30 days in advance.

How long can a meeting room be booked?

You can book a meeting room for the whole day. There is a minimum rental period of one hour.

How do I invite people to a meeting?

After booking you have the possibility to send invitations to meeting attendees. With the button "Invite" on the access pass, attendees can be invited to the upcoming meeting via email. For this purpose an invitation link with predefined text will be sent. Using this link, attendees can register for the meeting by entering their name and email address in the browser.
Registered attendees will be shown on their access pass. All attendees will also receive their access passes via email, these will be valid 30 minutes before and after the meeting on the day of registration.
If the registrations exceed the number of people in the meeting room, you will receive a notification by e-mail.
If attendees cancel and send a substitute, for example, you do not need to do anything else. However, please make sure that the room capacity is not exceeded.

How are the meeting rooms equipped?

The meeting rooms are equipped with height-adjustable tables, Bluetooth-enabled screens (43 and 55 inches), large whiteboards and a toolbox with presentation materials. Adapters (HDMI, VGA) can be borrowed free of charge at the Welcome Bar. Free internet WIFI@DB with 20 Mbit per device is available to all guests. Furthermore, it is possible to book a catering service. Coffee, tea and water are included.

Can I leave the building even though the meeting is in progress?

Yes, the building can be left during the booking. However, this requires a check-out at the Welcome Bar before leaving the space. When re-entering the space, please remember to check-in again.

Can I remove people and add new people after inviting them?

No, attendees cannot be uninvited once they have been invited. However, it is possible to invite more people than the allowed number to the meeting. If there are too many attendees, an email with a capacity warning is automatically sent to the meeting creator. The creator must independently ensure that not too many people join the meeting on site.

How does the app work?

Do I have to log in to the app?

Yes. In order to use coworking from everyworks, a customer account is required. This way your bookings can be assigned to you. The payment is also done via the app. For the customer account you need a valid email address and valid payment information. Up to now payment is possible with Visa- or Master-Card.

How can I book a Minute Seat?

After registration via the App (including validation of your e-mail address and entry of valid payment details), you can reserve one minute seat on the site's page. The reservation is free of charge, 15 minutes valid and ensures you a free seat in any case. If you don't make it in time, that's no problem. There are no costs for you. You can then simply reserve another free seat.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

You can reserve a minute Seat for free 15 minutes in advance.

How does the Minute Seat access work?

Before you want to use the Minute Seat, reserve an account for free in the everyworks App. This is 15 minutes valid. The access ticket has a QR-Code and the paid booking starts only when you enter the QR-Code at the scanner at the entrance. After scanning, everyworks gives you 5 free minutes to find a seat and get ready to work.

How can I check in with the QR Code and start the booking?

The QR code on the reserved ticket is your key to the Space. At the entrance you will find a scanner for check-in. Call up the code via the App and hold it in front of the scanner. Your reserved ticket turns into a checked-in ticket. The pass shows you the time of your check-in. At the entrance you will also find staff from everyworks. Our staff will be happy to help you with questions about check-in and check-out.

When does the booking start?

We grant you 5 free minutes after check-in at our Berlin location so that you can find a free seat in peace.

How do I know that I am checked in?

The scanner shows "green " if your check-in was successful. In addition, the App under Accesses shows your current visit with the check-in time and the status "checked in ".

How can I check out with the QR Code and finish the booking?

If you are checked in at a location, you can see your active check-in in the App under "Accesses ". Select it and you will be shown your access pass with the QR code and the check-in time.

To complete your booking, go to the exit and check out with the QR code on the scanner. The scanner will light up green. You will then receive an overview of the duration of your booking and the costs incurred. The invoice will also be sent to you by e-mail.

Attention: In Berlin the check-in is at the bottom of the ground floor, the checkout is at the top in the Space on the 10th floor.

What happens if I reserve an access ticket but cannot come?

No problem, you can just let the access ticket expire. After 15 minutes without check-in your reservation will be automatically deleted. Alternatively, you can also cancel the access ticket by clicking on "Cancel Reservation " below the QR Code.

Can I extend my booking?

Your booking duration is equivalent to your stay in Space, i.e. maximum as long as the location is open.

Do I have to know in advance how long I want to book?

No, you check in and you can work completely flexible. When you leave, you check out and get a minute-by-minute bill.

Can I leave everyworks and come back without logging out?

No, when you leave everyworks, you have to check out. But you can come back anytime with a new booking.

What if I forget to log out?

If you are still on site, please contact the local staff. They'll help you check yourself out.
If you are already on the road (e.g. on the train), just call our service hotline at 030/58601277. The support team can help you while you are on the go and end your booking.
Please have your App ready. In the app you will find your customer number and your service pin under "Settings > Contact ". You need both so that the support team can end your booking by phone.

Help with questions about the App

If you have a problem with your account or anything else, please send us an email with the topic to everyworks@deutschebahn.com or read on here.

Paying via app

How can I pay?

To start you can pay with your VisaCard or your MasterCard via the everyworks App.
If you miss further payment methods, please send us an e-mail. We are constantly developing the app further and would like to consider the wishes of our customers. everyworks@deutschebahn.com

I have problems with my Visa/MasterCard. What can I do?

If there is a problem with entering your credit card, it is probably due to a new procedure for secure online credit card payments. The procedure is called 3D-Secure and is regulated differently at each bank or credit institution.
If you encounter any problems, please contact the support of your credit bank. The procedures vary and are beyond the control of everyworks.

Why is €0.01 debited when adding the credit card?

When the card is added, a pre-authorization of 0.01 € is performed for credit card verification. This is a kind of test booking, which is not executed. Some banks also report the pre-authorization to their customers, so you may receive a message (e.g. via push message).

The 0,01 € will be refunded in any case and you only have to pay the actual costs during your stay.
When will I receive my bill?

When you book a Minute Seat you pay immediately after check-out (in Berlin this is at the top of the welcome counter in the everyworks area). As soon as you have successfully checked out, you will be shown your visiting time and costs incurred. You will receive the invoice by e-mail immediately afterwards and the amount will be charged to your payment method.

Location Berlin Central Station

How do I get to everyworks at Berlin Central Station?

everyworks is located at Berlin central station, Europaplatz 2, 10th floor. Follow the signs to the exit Europaplatz* and keep right after the exit. After a few meters you will find the entrance to the office building with the address Europaplatz 2, where the everyworks* staff will welcome you at the check-in counter on the ground floor.

Opening hours

everyworks at Berlin central station is available MO-FR from 8:30 am - 6 pm. Until then you can stay and work in the space.

Are there drinks and food on site?

There is free coffee, tea and water. Furthermore everyworks offers a service offer, which is subject to a fee. The offer includes a selection of packaged snacks, such as nuts and power bars, as well as fresh snacks and finger food, which you can buy via a vending machine in the welcome area.

Is coffee free of charge?

Yes, everyworks provides you with coffee as well as water and tea free of charge.

Who can help me with questions?

On site we have trained everyworks staff who will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Are there charging cables on site that can be borrowed?

Yes, you can borrow a common charging cable for your mobile phone from everyworks. We do not issue laptop charger cables. And for your information: Our screens have necessary connections for laptops.

Can I stow my suitcase?

Yes, in the entrance area there is a coat rack and a locking system for safekeeping of luggage. We do not take liability for the loss of your luggage or other personal items.

What can I do if I have forgotten something in the Space?

We keep forgotten things for you in the space. There you can pick them up during opening hours. After 48 hours the items are brought to the Fundservice of the DB, first to the information desk in the main station and then to the registration in the database of the DB Fundservice. You can find your lost item here at the latest DB Fundservice

Is the entrance barrier-free?

Yes to get to the everyworks space, the elevator must be used from the ground floor to the 10th floor.

How many workstations are available?

In Berlin Central Station, we currently offer 115 flexibly bookable Minute Seats in the Coworking Area. In addition, there is a Focus Area in the back of the area for quiet, focused work. In this area another 21 workstations are available for Minute Seat users.

Are dogs and other animals allowed?

No, animals are generally excluded from access to everyworks. Exceptions apply to guide dogs for the blind and other officially registered assistance dogs.

Are children allowed as company? Is there an age limit?

Children are welcome at everyworks when accompanied by an adult. We trust that users with children will show consideration for other workers and minimise disturbance from noise.

Further questions

Can I enter everyworks together with business partners / colleagues or do I have to book them individually?

Everybody who wants to use everyworks needs a own user account, through which the access is booked. We are working on guest accounts for people who are invited. This feature will be made available soon.
In case of booking meeting rooms or the use of resident offices, colleagues can of course enter in company.

Do I get a discount on a booking with a Bahncard 25, 50 or 100?

everyworks is offered by DB Station&Service AG. The BahnCard is a discount card offered by the DB Fernverkehr AG. Currently, there are no additional advantages for BahnCard holders when booking .

Are there other everyworks locations?

Currently everyworks is exclusively in Berlin at the central station.

What is the difference to DB Lounge?

The DB Lounge is aimed at 1st class passengers and BahnComfort customers. The offer of everyworks is aimed at all station visitors and travellers who are looking for a suitable environment for temporary and concentrated work or a long-term workplace. Our spaces are available to all guests, regardless of whether they are rail passengers or not.

Who can use the space?

Everyone. everyworks is especially aimed at all commuters, business travellers, companies and all those who visit the station and are looking for a quiet place to concentrate on their work.

everyworks in times of Corona

What are the precautionary measures in the area design to comply with the new hygiene standards?
  • DB is in constant contact with the federal and state health authorities, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Transport with regard to hygiene standards. DB's existing pandemic plans are continuously adapted to updates from the Federal Government and the federal states. DB also follows the precautionary recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. The corresponding measures therefore also apply to everyworks.

  • Due to the regulations of the Infection Protection Act, the following rules apply at our locations:

Berlin: The 2G rule applies at our Berlin space (vaccinated or recovered).

Hannover: At everyworks Hannover Main Station we are following the 2G+ rule. In addition to the vaccination or recovery status, a current negative coronavirus test is required. If you have received your Covid-19 booster shot you are no longer obliged to present a negative test.

Nürnberg & Karlsruhe: The 3G rule applies at Design Offices locations (vaccinated, recovered or tested).

  • everyworks minimizes the utilization of the space to 50% and creates spacing by reducing the occupancy of the existing furniture. Of course the minimum distances of 1.5 metres also apply to our coworking areas. At everyworks Berlin no more than 2 persons are allowed in the elevators.

  • The office areas are equipped with disinfectant dispensers. Several times a day all areas are cleaned with disinfectant.

  • For tracing the chains of infection contact sheets are available at the Welcome Bar, which must be filled out by our visitors.

  • In addition, regular ventilation of all rooms is ensured by the staff in the area.

  • At everyworks all employees are obliged to wear a mask when in direct contact with customers.

  • At everyworks all users are obliged to wear a mask as long as they are not at their seated position.
    If the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be kept at the place, the mask is also compulsory.

  • everyworks communicates all rules of conduct and safety to its guests by means of signposting throughout the entire area. This also includes hygiene recommendations in the sanitary area.